Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Oregon X Tournment on July 23rd at wwnw
Oregon X Tournment on August 13th at wwnw
Empire YG Tournment on August 21st at wwnw
Oregon X Tournment on September 17th at wwnw
Empire YG Tournment on October 16th at wwnw

World News
Dynasty wins NPPL HB
720's 2K5 World Cup
Virtue software chips are now here
Tadao Technologies
New Smart Parts marker: Ion
False NPPLS7 circulating
NPPL P.R.O. Referee course
Dynasty sign a 3 year deal
XPSL ups their ante for AMs
XO proudly presents Skyball
8 PSP Tournament at Pomona, CA

About Team Bandits
Team Bandits started about 2003. All born and raised in P-town. It started when Tyler wanted to make a team with some of his fellow pballa’s and then Kevin and Shane came into Team Bandits picture. Then in 2004 Andrew Lopez arrived to Team Bandits. We all decided from looking at what we play best, Tyler will be the front-man. Kevin will be the mid/front-man and Shane and Andrew will be the back-man but may change. Kevin is the captain of the team. Tyler, Shane, Andrew started about 2000 and Kevin started about 2001. We started like everyone else with Spyders and Tippmanns. When we started we messed around in backyards and bunch of others areas. Then we all found are love for speedball. It was love at first site. We all got into it and it starts from there. .